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Duke Conservation Tech

Communicating sustainable engineering to the public

Duke Conservation Tech (DCT) is Duke University’s undergraduate sustainable engineering organization, where students from various fields of study—engineering, biology, environmental science and more—work in teams to design devices aimed at solving real-world conservation issues. 


As DCT’s Director of Media, I was responsible for producing videos that explain DCT’s team projects, breaking down the engineering, economic and biological concepts behind them into laymen terms.  These videos were used to promote DCT’s activities to the general public, as well as to pitch to organizations interested in collaborating with us. Organizations that have worked with DCT include NOAA and WWF.

DCT Project Videos


Driving ideation today for the conservation solutions of tomorrow


Promotional Material


Logo and Merchandise

Promotional Material

Blueprint is DCT’s annual sustainable tech ideation conference, where students from different universities collaborate over the course of two days to create “blueprints”: revised and informed starting proposals for solutions to conservation issues.


Experts in different fields of conservation—ranging from research to engineering to public policy—lend their knowledge to student teams in the form of talks and personal mentorship throughout the event.  Each year Blueprint has a theme, focusing on one aspect or area of conservation.


In 2018, I produced promotional videos for “Blueprint: Nature + Progress.”

In 2019, I produced the logo, promotional graphics/videos and participant merchandise for “Blueprint: Oceans + Innovation.”

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